A downloadable game

--- Clicking Season --

Clicking the screen will play an effect that will change the seasons

--- Martian's City Defense ---

Defend the city by clicking on the meteors when they get close to the force-field 

--- Plane Test Zone ---

Test the plane by finishing the test as fast as possible

--- Sound to the Rhythm ---

When the notes hit the white line, Clap or make a sound to keep up with the rhythm

[NOTE: When clicking on the 'Main Menu' in the Pause Screen the latency of the microphone will increase, making it hard to hit the notes. To fix this you will need to reopen the application]


Clicking Seasons.zip 8 MB
Martian's City Defense.zip 18 MB
Plane Test Zone.zip 18 MB
Sound to the Rhythm.zip 20 MB

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