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Is a interactive drawing game designed around the changing of the four seasons. The user can create wacky images or drawings by clicking and moving the mouse through-out the four seasons in the background.


Is a black hole simulator where the player can experience what it would be like to play god with a black hole. The black hole follows the players mouse around the screen sucking all asteroids up in its path. The play can also right click to suck all nearby asteroids in.


Is a revenge racing game that follows the player smashing and crashing through the city getting revenge on society. The player needs to destroy enough objects to achieve a high score, thus ending the game.


Is a audio visualiser that records the frequencies coming into the microphone. The user can visually see their voice, or see what their favourite song looks like. 


Activity_1.zip 75 MB
Activity_2.zip 49 MB
Activity_3.zip 51 MB
Activity_4.zip 76 MB

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